I’m Dan Rojaz.

Art runs my life.

Born an islander, my instinct was to create art with whatever I had. My passion for graphic arts started at an early age when I was highly influenced by cartoons tv shows and all kinds of movies. 

When I was 13, out of the blue, I started a freelance career as a graphic designer by making illustrated flyers for concerts. Now at the age of 23 I have a bachelor degree in Advertising Communications specialised in Graphic Design and 10 years working with Digital Art.

In 2014 after graduating from university, I decided to take a step forward and level up my skills. So I decided to attend to Sheridan College and follow what I’ve always loved and admired, 3D computer Animation. 

Now in 2016 I’m about to graduate from my second post-grad program at Sheridan and I couldn’t feel more exited about being involved in the 3D industry.

You can check out the stuff I’ve been working on in the reel down below.